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A single drop,
a world of difference

Consume less, savour more

Pure, organic, culinary argan oil – a natural wonder like no other.

A splash, a drizzle, a long pour… use as little or as liberally as desire.

At Arqan we believe that less is often more. Through every step of growing and processing this oil, we have acted to minimise the impact on the environment, and maximise the end benefits for you, and all those involved along the way.

Stress less, glow more

For a morish, decadant flavour that resonates with goodness.

The delicate, creamy flavour and light nutty aroma of Arqan makes it a growing favourite with professional chefs,home cooks, salad-assemblers and bread dippers everywhere.

Health professionals love it too, for the nourishment packed into every drop.

Waste less, share more

Made in the kindest way from the finest fruit, Arqan oil tastes different because it is different.

Arqan oil is grown and produced ethically and in harmony with the environment. Everything we do is with the intention of making life better: for the women processing the nuts in Morocco, for their children and wider communities, and where possible for the entire planet.

Does all this improve the favour of the oil itself?

Without a doubt.

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