24 karat goodness


The fruit, the nut, the kernel, the legend…

Argan oil is prized not only for its density of nutrients and flavour but for its rarity. The argan tree grows only in a small part of the world, mainly in the desert regions of south-west Morocco.

Most of the world’s argan oil comes from the area of Agadir, and it is the fruit of the female trees – which is smaller – that is the most sought after.

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Nature at her finest

A metaphor for abundance –
from tree to table and everything on it.

Argan oil is known around the world as “liquid gold”, but in Morocco the argan tree is “the tree that gives life”.

For centuries its hard wood has been used as a building material for houses and tools, its leaves and fruits as cattle feed, and from the kernel, the oil: a flavourful ingredient, a remedy for disease, and a preserver of youth and vitality.

An appetite for wonder

Little by little, positivity spreads

Every batch of argan oil is unique, its flavour subtly influenced by its terroire. Arqan’s culinary oil is no exception.

Alongside globally renowned chef Frank Fol, we are working with restaurants and caterers to ensure that their delicious dishes are served with Arqan’s origin story of hope for a fair and sustainable future.

Magical properties

Health benefits that are now proven to be scientific fact

Thanks to a high concentration of vitamin E, antioxidants and good fats, argan oil is proven to strengthen the immune system and aid digestion. It can also help to regulate blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol.

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