Purity, proven

Founded on integrity

When you scan the QR code on your bottle of Arqan pure, premium argan oil, the information you get is as pure as the oil itself.

With the expertise of the dedictated team at our specialised research centre, we continue to explore the best ways to grow healthy argan trees in a biodiverse environment, optimising farming and extract the purest oil possible – completely organically.

From the moment the argan trees grow their fruit, we ensure nothing can be tampered with, recording every step taken on the way from tree to bottle.
As soon as we are able, we aim to keep that data safe using blockchain technology. This means that once the information is collected, it cannot be changed.

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There are approximately 20 million argan trees growing on about 820,000 hectares of land on a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Agadir in Morocco.

They’re tough trees; with roots that can extend 30 meters into the earth.

Each tree grows 15–35 kg of fruit per year and once the nuts are extracted, it takes about 2.5 kg to create 1 litre of oil.

On average, a hectare of trees yields about 40 kg of nuts, which can be made into 16 litres of oil.

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A right and a privilege

Nature already perfected the argan fruit; why contaminate something so perfect?

Morocco’s argan trees are the property of the government. Families are allocated a certain number of trees and given the right to harvest their fruit, which falls ripe from the branches from late May to August.

Once the harvest season has been publicly declared, only the rightful claimants are permitted to access the trees. Then, the women go to work.

They collect the fruit by hand and carry it home on their backs, or with the help of a donkey or car. The fruit is laid out in the sun to dry before being stored.

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Trust in the process

Work hard and amazing things will happen.

At Arqan we inspect each and every nut. We check the humidity of the store, and we are constantly alert to any sign of contaminants. Once the conditions are verified and the bounty weighed, stones are used to remove the pulp and crack open the nuts. Only the best will pass to the next stage.

The process of extracting argan oil is extremely strenuous. Modern technology has not yet been able to replicate the ancient Moroccan techniques that, with perseverance and dedication, consistently preserves the oil’s extraordinary qualities.

The nuts pressed for culinary argan oil are roasted first, giving the oil its warm, hazelnutty flavour. Finally, it is filtered and then poured into our bottles, where it is sealed and shipped to you. That’s it. Absolutely nothing is added.