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Cooking with Arqan Oil

Argan oil is a very versatile ingredient, whether used to cook, marinate, bake or finish with.

Its richness and nutty flavour make it well suited in both savoury and sweet dishes, and is great to keep on hand in the kitchen to drizzle over food before serving, or stirring into soups, couscous and tagines.

With its low smoking point, it’s not for frying. Instead try mixing a drop or two of Argan Oil into dishes served at room temperature, as an alternative in salad dressings and sauces to be poured over couscous, vegetables, salads, eggs, fish or tagines.

Looking for a simple way to impress at dinner parties? Pour a little Arqan Oil into a dish and serve on its own as a dip with crusty bread.


Discover our selection of delicious recipes with Arqan oil in the lead role, created by renowned chefs.

Cold Watercress Soup with Hippo Tops and Redcurrant

Recipe by Frank Fol

Cold Watercress Soup with Hippo Tops and Redcurrant | Arqan | Premium Argan Oil

Spaghetti of Chard with Shiitake, Cashew and Citra

Recipe by Frank Fol

Spaghetti of Chard with Shiitake Cashew and Cita | Arqan | Premium Argan Oil

Roast Onion Stew with Chestnut Mushroom, Savory and Grated Rettich

Recipe by Frank Fol

Roast Onion Stew with Chestnut Mushroom Savory and Grated Rettich | Arqan | Premium Argan Oil